During a trip to Japan, we stayed in several hotels that shared interior accessories with unique absorption and drying properties. When questioned, we learned that these accessories are made from a rare mineral, diatomite stone and that Japan is the main producer. We then decided to introduce this fossilized mineral with its fabulous properties to the French public.


Thus born KOOROO™ on the return journey of this inspiring journey. After several prototypes, dozens of product tests and collection of opinions, we are launching our own range of interior products made from diatomite stone. Two products are being created: the bath mat and the soap dish, combined with a minimalist design inspired by Japanese mountains.


We are working on the expansion of our KOOROO™ range, with the aim of integrating this natural mineral stone into the various objects that we use on a daily basis at home, our mission being to provide an ecological alternative to waterlogged accessories, which accumulate bacteria and bad odors. To learn more about the properties of diatomite, click here .


KOOROO™ Diatomite Stone Bath Mat
KOOROO™ Diatomite Stone Bath Mat
Selling price39,00€
KOOROO™ soap dish in diatomite stone
KOOROO™ soap dish in diatomite stone
Selling price14,90€