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Diatomite is a natural mineral stone made from aquatic fossilized remains. Very porous, it retains up to 150% of its weight in humidity, which gives it great absorption power. Its almost instantaneous drying helps prevent the development of bacteria and mold, as well as eliminating bad odors.

  1. Before the first use, a thin layer of diatomite powder may appear on the surface of the mat, this is normal as the mat is new. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth before using it.
  2. Place the anti-slip fabric on the floor (provided with the mat) where you will place the mat. This non-slip fabric also serves to circulate air more easily between the floor and the carpet, for optimal drying and greater longevity of the carpet. Place the diatomite mat on the non-slip fabric. If you see the Kooroo™ logo on the top of the mat, you have positioned it correctly! 
  3. You can now use Kooroo™ after your shower/bath, we recommend that you drain excess water from your body before getting on the mat so as not to directly fill it with water.
  4. When you have finished drying yourself, we recommend that you place the mat vertically from time to time so that it can wick away moisture more effectively and for longer (leaning against a wall for example).

Diatomite stone is anti-microbial through its physical properties and not through the use of chemicals. In its raw state, diatomite attracts and aggregates bacteria and parasites, causing them to dry out and die.

It is a non-slip mat that must be placed under a KOOROO™ bath mat. It also helps distribute weight evenly when walking on the mat, preventing any breakage due to uneven floors. Finally, it speeds up the drying of your bath mat by allowing a flow of air to circulate between the floor and the mat.

  1. Remember to put the non-slip and breathable fabric permanently under your Kooroo™ bath mat. It also helps cushion trampling and reduces the risk of carpet breakage (this remains a product that must be taken care of).
  2. Do not hesitate to place Kooroo™ against a tmeps wall in time for it to fully air out and regain its original properties.
  3. If dust or stain remains on the surface of the carpet, clean with a damp cloth. If that's not enough, lightly sand the area with the sandpaper supplied with the mat then remove the powder with a damp cloth. If you lost the sandpaper or don't have any left, buy paper with a grit between 120 and 180.
  4. If the stain is still there, use hydrogen peroxide or a natural cleanser of your choice and scrub. You can watch our tutorial video here .
  5. For a better lifespan of your Kooroo™ bath mat, we recommend that you follow the following instructions:
    • Handle the mat gently. It could break if it falls or suffers an impact
    • Use the mat with bare, clean feet so as not to get it dirty
    • Allow the product to dry naturally and avoid direct exposure to the sun or near a heat source.
    • Do not use soap or detergent to wash the mat as they may alter its absorbency and stain it.
    • Do not expose the carpet to colored or greasy substances, as these may stain it.

The lifespan of the Kooroo™ bath mat can vary greatly depending on the number of people who will use it and the care taken to maintain it. If you notice that the absorption capacity has decreased, sand the entire surface of the mat with the sandpaper supplied with it and wipe off the powder with a damp cloth (if you have misplaced the sandpaper, buy some with it). a grit between 120 and 180 or similar). Place Kooroo™ upright at the end of use, so that it can breathe completely and regain its properties. This will extend its lifespan!

Due to the evolution of absorption depending on the number of uses, we guarantee your mat for 1 year. Kooroo™ is not a miracle product that will last your entire life but a product based on fossilized natural materials that will evolve over time. It is not unusual to buy a Kooroo™ mat to replace yours after a certain time.

If your rug is broken and unusable as is, you can put pieces in a cotton bag and place it in a shoe closet, cabinet, toilet or drawer to absorb moisture or deodorize .

• You can use a damp sponge or damp cloth to maintain it.

• If a buildup of dry soap forms over time, immerse the soap dish in warm water, scrub and rinse.

• If a stain remains, lightly sand the area with sandpaper (grit between 120 and 180), then remove the powder with a damp cloth.

• If the stain is still there, use hydrogen peroxide or a natural cleanser of your choice and scrub.


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⚠️ Due to the evolution of absorption depending on the number of uses, we guarantee your mat for 1 year. Kooroo™ is not a miracle product that will last your entire life but a product based on fossilized natural materials that will evolve over time. It is not unusual to buy a Kooroo™ mat to replace yours after a certain time.